Psychoeducational Evaluation and Testing

What is Assessed

As the purpose of a psychological evaluation is based on the specific concern to be addressed, I do not use a ‘standard battery’ of tests. Instead, your child’s evaluation will be tailored to address your specific concerns. Based on your assessment question(s), I will assess cognitive ability (i.e., IQ), cognitive processing skills (e.g., fluid reasoning, processing speed, executive functioning, comprehension, visual processing, auditory processing, short-term memory, long-term retrieval, sensorimotor skills), language processing, individual academic achievement, and social-emotional functioning, Additionally, I will analyze historical data, behavioral ratings, and specific behavioral observations and reports.

What is Included

A full assessment includes a comprehensive written report of all testing results, along with specific recommendations. Payment is due at each assessment session, and is based on the time spent assessing, scoring, compiling and analyzing test results.

When is it Conducted

A psychological assessment is typically conducted over the course of five sessions. The first session (50 minutes) is with the parents/guardians only, and serves to gather background information and determine the appropriate assessment approach. The second, third, and fourth sessions are assessment sessions with the child, and typically run one hour and forty minutes each. The final session (50 minutes) is a meeting with the parents to discuss results, recommendations, and answer any questions you may have. Approximately two weeks after this meeting, you will receive a written copy of the full report. A full assessment includes a comprehensive written report of all testing results, along with specific recommendations.

Will Insurance Pay

Insurance will occasionally reimburse for psychological assessments. My office does not file insurance claims, but we will be happy to provide you with the paperwork necessary for you to file a claim for reimbursement with your insurance company. Please keep in mind that insurance plans and coverage varies tremendously, and I encourage you to contact your insurance company directly with any coverage questions you may have.

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